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The Coconut Cooperative connects organic coconut farmers to fair trade ingredient markets across the world.

  • Coconut Cream Powder Setting

    Organic Coconut Cream Powder (65% Fat)

  • Organic Coconut Flakes (Fine Cut)

  • Organic Coconut Flakes (Medium Cut)

  • Organic Coconut Flour

    Organic Coconut Flour

Our Mission

We’ve traveled across Southeast Asia to find the best fair trade coconut farmers so you don’t have to.  By working with farmers that promote ethical, fair trade coconut production processes, we are confident about producing the highest quality bulk organic coconut ingredients, including coconut flour, sugar, and other products.  Our products are USDA Organic, Kosher, and Fair Trade USA Certified.

Where Do Our Products Come From?

Many of our most popular bulk organic coconut ingredients and products come from Sri Lanka.  The Coconut Triangle near Colombo is one of the most productive coconut farming areas in Sri Lanka.  Our organic coconut chips, organic coconut flour, organic coconut flakes and organic coconut oils all hail from Sri Lanka.

The Ben Tre Province in Vietnam (AKA Vietnam’s “Coconut Kingdom”) is also rife with coconut trees, along with many specialty foods made from coconut.  Its wonderful weather year-round makes it the perfect spot for coconut farming.  Our organic coconut cream powder, organic coconut milk powder and organic coconut water powder all come straight from Vietnam.

Not to be forgotten, Indonesia is one of the world’s top producers of coconuts, with a substantial portion of the trees being owned by farmers.  From this group of farmers, we have carefully selected only those with the highest standards to provide our delicious organic coconut sugar.

The longstanding leaders of the coconut world, The Coconut Cooperative also holds backup supply options via the Philippines through several carefully selected manufacture partners. From this origin are the same set of bulk fair trade ingredients that hail from Sri Lanka, including Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Flour, Organic Desiccated Coconut (Flakes, Shreds, Chips), and other specialty items.

Our products are available in San Diego and San Bernardino, CA, Kearny, NJ, New York City, NY, and other cities across the United States.


Where do our coconuts come from?