Terms and Conditions


All sales by The Coconut Cooperative will be subject to the below terms and conditions.

Sales Confirmation:

Orders of Buyer shall not bind Seller until confirmed by Seller in writing or by any electronic means of its choice.

Sales Price:

The price indicated on the order confirmation shall be considered to be the price agreed between the Buyer and Seller.


Payment to be made to Seller addressed as indicated on invoice, in lawful money of the United States. Buyer shall pay per the terms stated on the order confirmation or contract confirmation. Seller reserves the right to suspend further deliveries, or require any satisfactory securities, in the event Buyer fails to pay in full for any one shipment when same becomes due. In case of late payment, Seller will charge Buyer interest which shall be 1.5% per month on all overdue amounts. Seller reserves the right to change payment terms.


Seller shall be obligated to sell and deliver no more than 100% of the contracted amount, and Buyer shall be obligated to take delivery of no less than 100% of the contracted amount. Seller requires at least 30 days prior notice of quantities to be delivered during each calendar month. In the event Buyer purchases less than the contracted quantity of Product, Seller may, without limiting any other legal remedies that may be available to Seller, reduce the quantity of Product Seller is obligated to supply during the term of the Contract.

Shipping Policy:


At The Coconut Cooperative, we provide two convenient shipping options, depending on the weight of the shipment – FedEx / UPS carton service and third-party freight (LTL) service. While we do our best to provide accurate shipping estimates at the time of your order, please note that they are subject to change. Our team and/or website calculates shipping costs based on current prices and the combined weight of the materials on the order. Rest assured that we only charge you what the shipping company charges us.


All sample orders and any less than pallet orders that are 15 cartons or less will ship via UPS or FedEx ground unless otherwise requested. We do not offer shipping to P.O. boxes or APO/FPO addresses.

Samples are shipped within 1-3 business days via ground service and typically arrive within 3-6 business days. We ask that you provide a valid FedEx or UPS account number for sample requests. Alternatively, you may provide a shipping label. Please request box dimensions and weight for your sample(s). Faster delivery may be available upon request. Please note that due to the limited availability of sample materials, we cannot guarantee overnight sample orders, but every effort will be made to accommodate such requests. Overnight sample requests must be received by 11 a.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Any overnight sample orders received after 11 a.m. Central Standard Time on Friday will be shipped the following business day. We do not send sample orders on weekends or holidays.


All orders for 15 cartons or more will ship on a pallet via a third-party freight (LTL) service. Please note that these third-party shippers have their shipping policies, which we cannot change.


Our warehouses do not require pickup appointments; however, they do have set hours for LTL carrier pickups. A notice may be required prior to picking up if the carrier is scheduled by a customer. Please contact us in advance of scheduling your LTL carrier.

Once the shipment has been handed to the LTL carrier and tracking has been provided, the time in transit is usually 1-8 days. However, this timeframe can vary, depending on several factors.

Below is a list of things that may affect the transit time of your LTL shipment:

  • Distance: The farther your shipment needs to travel, the longer it will take to arrive.
  • Carrier: Different LTL carriers may have different transit times, depending on their network and resources.
  • Mode of transportation: Depending on the carrier, your shipment may travel by various trucks or a combination of trucks. This can impact the overall transit time.
  • Weather: Inclement weather can cause delays in transit, particularly during winter months in certain regions.
  • Customs: If your shipment crosses international borders, additional delays may occur due to customs inspections and processing.

It’s also worth noting that while the estimated transit time provided by the LTL carrier is a good guideline, it’s not a guarantee. There may be unforeseen circumstances that cause delays in transit. If you have any concerns about your shipment, please get in touch with your carrier for updates. The Coconut Cooperative is not responsible for any delays the shipping company applies.


Having onsite contact information (name and phone number) ensures successful delivery. Here are some additional points that can help you prepare for your delivery:

  • Someone must be present to unload and sign for the order.
  • Remember that the drivers are not responsible for transporting the goods from the curb. All LTL deliveries are CURBSIDE.
  • It is recommended to have at least two people available to unload the goods from the curb and bring them inside. If you need additional assistance, arranging for a third-party service to help move the goods is best.
  • Make sure to inspect the delivery for any damage or discrepancies before signing the delivery receipt. If there are any issues, note them on the receipt and contact us immediately.
  • If you need to reschedule the delivery appointment, contact the shipping company at least 24 hours in advance to avoid additional fees.
  • It is recommended to have a clear pathway at the curb to ensure a smooth delivery process.


Residential addresses have an additional shipping charge. Residentially zoned locations are not typically freight truck-friendly and are considered limited access. This includes apartments, residences, farms, estates, remote locations, schools, and churches.


Non-commercial zoned business addresses have an additional shipping charge. Not all businesses are in commercially zoned areas. Any business operated from a home, apartment, or other dwelling where people live is considered a residential address. Residential deliveries previously listed as a business address will be charged a Residential Redress Fee depending on what we are billed.


Commercial-zoned addresses do not have an additional shipping charge. Typically, these addresses are zoned as commercial real estate. Most commercial sites have trailer access and a loading dock.


All accessorials have an additional charge per accessorial.

  • Lift Gate Service is a mechanical device attached to a delivery truck’s back to raise and lower material to and from the ground. Lift gate service is highly recommended for residential-zoned areas and commercial-zoned areas that do not have a forklift to unload.
  • Inside Delivery Service involves the carrier moving the pallet to the driveway, porch, or garage. Drivers will not take freight inside a home. The driver must easily access the drop-off with the pallet jack. If the pathway is not easily accessible and the driver has trouble, we will not be responsible for any additional fees that may accrue. Inside delivery does not mean the driver will help unpack your pallet once he drops it off in the designated area.


Occasionally due to street width or slope, low-hanging trees, or other factors determined by our freight shipping partner, LTL shippers cannot deliver to a given address, even after a scheduled delivery appointment. In those cases, you will be responsible for picking up your order from the nearest terminal delivery center or providing an alternate delivery location that our freight shipping partner can reach.


Additional shipping charges may apply to hard-to-reach areas such as gated communities, remote locations, or only accessible via ferry. If you anticipate your delivery address potentially falling under this definition, reach out to hello@thecoconutcoop.com. These charges will be assessed after your order is processed, and you will be contacted to provide payment for these charges.


If there is a redelivery request, you will be charged the corresponding amount charged to us by the freight carrier. Similarly, residential deliveries previously listed as a business address will be charged a Residential Readdress Fee depending on what we are billed. To avoid these fees, please ensure your shipping information is accurate and up to date before placing your order.

If there is a reconsignment, delivery change, or dock pick-up request, you will be charged the corresponding amount charged to us by the freight carrier.


To ensure you receive the best quality goods, we conduct a thorough inspection before they leave our facility. However, despite our best efforts, some goods may still sustain minor damage during shipping. Rest assured, we are committed to providing the best possible customer service and will work with you to resolve any issues.

If you encounter any issues with your order, please get in touch with our customer service team. We are always here to help and will do everything possible to ensure you are delighted with your purchase.

It’s always frustrating to receive damaged items, especially after waiting for them to arrive. However, it’s good to know that if a replacement order is necessary due to shipping damage, it will be considered a priority. This means we will do everything possible to process the replacement order quickly. We kindly ask for your patience during the replacement process. While it may not be able to be rushed, rest assured that we are prioritizing your replacement order.

Important: Don’t Refuse Shipment If you receive a damaged shipment, please do not refuse it. Although some cartons may be damaged, most are still usable, and only a fraction may need replacement. If you refuse shipment due to damage, you may be charged additional shipping fees for returning the undamaged boxes to us or your location. Furthermore, this will cause a delay in any claims and replacement orders.


  • To ensure we can replace defective or damaged deliveries, we reserve the right to request documentation showing the damage or defects. We may refuse replacement if you fail to provide accurate and precise documentation.
  • Pictures will be required to assist in any claim for damaged material. Any damage must be noted on the freight company’s Bill of Lading at delivery time. No claim for visible damage can be accepted if not indicated at delivery time.
  • Damage notifications must be sent to hello@thecoconutcoop.com within the following 48-72 hours, depending on the type of damage.


You should provide an accurate and precise report if your shipment is visibly damaged. Visible Damage must be reported to us within 48 hours of receipt of the material.

The following information must be provided:

– Copy of delivery receipt (BOL) with damaged noted
– Type of damage
– Qty of material damage
– Photos of damaged pallets and boxes
– Photos of damaged material
– Consignee and contact information


Concealed damage is when damage that could not have been determined at the time of delivery is discovered by the consignee (for example, if there was no visible damage to the outer packaging, but the damage was discovered once a carton was opened). Concealed Damage must be reported to us within 48-72 hours from receipt of the material.

The following information must be provided:

– Type of damage
– Qty of material damage
– Photos of damaged material
– Consignee and contact information


TCC carries a General Liability Policy, and please reach out if a copy is required. All liability pertaining to the purchase and usage of TCC’s products are limited to the purchase price of the materials. As it is the customer’s responsibility to inspect and approve the materials upon receipt and prior to usage, any and all damage or claims arising from the transportation, processing or receiving of the materials above the total value of the goods will be incurred by the customer. In the event goods are shipped on behalf of a client (i.e. trader/broker), or to a different receiving facility than the invoiced entity, responsibility and liability over the purchase cost of the goods is assumed by the invoiced entity.


If you’re located outside of the U.S., we can deliver your order to a freight forwarder of your choice. Freight forwarders act as intermediaries between us and the shipping company, ensuring your order reaches its final destination. To get a quote on the material and shipping to your preferred freight forwarder, please get in touch with us at hello@thecoconutcoop.com.


International shipping cost for parcel shipments is determined by the weight of the package, the shipping method, and the destination.


The recipient pays applicable duties, taxes, and other fees on international orders. Please get in touch with your Customs office for information on duties and taxes. The amount depends on the value of your purchase.

International | Accepted Payments:

We accept PayPal, checks, and wire transfers for international orders. A $30 international wire fee will apply. Sample orders can be paid by using our PayPal payment link: www.paypal.me/thecoconutcoop.

Returns and Exchanges:

Returns are accepted for defective and/or damaged products only (see above section entitled “DAMAGE AND CLAIMS” regarding receipt of damaged products). Unfortunately, we are unable to accept exchanges at this time.

Warehousing Fees / Storage:

All orders will be held in storage at no charge for a period of two weeks following their release, unless explicitly stated otherwise. After this two-week period, orders that have been released but not picked up will incur storage fees of $25 per pallet per month, prorated to the nearest half-month