Interested in learning more about brewing beer with coconuts? Beer aficionados everywhere know quality when they taste it. 

Stand out in the crowd by using all-natural, organic toasted coconut chips in your brew. Your friends, family, and customers will love it.

Breweries across the U.S. are producing delicious new brews that drive sales among both those who seek out local brews as well as those looking for new and interesting flavors. Coconut provides many opportunities for unique flavor combinations as well as familiar culinary flavors into the realm of beer. No matter how you choose to implement coconut into your brewing profile, your most important need is reliable, high-quality, natural coconut.

Natural Flavor

Imitation coconut flavor can be overpowering even when used sparingly. Drinkers often detect a false, or chemical flavor when tasting imitation coconut flavoring, that can be off-putting. Don’t take chances with phony flavors.

Organic coconut chips from The Coconut Cooperative are the best way to incorporate coconut flavor into your offerings. Whether it’s a powerful stout, an intense porter, or a lively summer ale, brewing your beer with coconut will add an amazing new flavor to your drinks. Coconut is a popular flavor that pairs well with many other flavors to create a wide array of opportunities. 

Complements Other Flavors

Typical coconut flavor pairings in the culinary world often produce great flavors in brewing as well. Remind your customers of great dining experiences at their favorite restaurants with flavors that are reminiscent of delectable desserts, clever appetizers, or delicious fruit offerings. Coconut pairs well with chocolate and vanilla of course, but it also blends wonderfully with almond, banana, caramel, mint, and pineapple. Bartenders are increasingly mixing coconut with green tea flavors in cocktails. 

Fresh & Organic

Our cooperative’s coconuts are certified USDA organic and non-GMO. We source our coconut chips from only top-quality organic coconut to ensure excellent flavor. 

Fresh new flavors are important when attracting new customers and keeping loyal customers coming back. Your competitors may already be designing popular and enjoyable coconut brews. We’ve seen positive reviews for coconut stouts, creamy coconut ales, coconut porters, and more. When you brew beer with coconuts, the possibilities are endless. What will your new flavor be? Coconut Coffee Stout? Coconut Mint Ale?  Whether you’re making a flavored porter, stout, IPA, or brown ale, we have what you need. Contact The Coconut Cooperative for more information, or shop our online store now!