As coconut supply chains try to recover from Covid-19 related interruptions, a whole new problem takes its toll. 

Typhoon Vamco, the fifth major storm to hit the Philippines in 3 weeks, made landfall on Wednesday night.  While typhoons are nothing new to the Philippines, the number of storms, coupled with the current pandemic, have made this round of storms even more complicated.  Covid-19 imposed lockdowns and shipping delays have already disrupted coconut supply chains.  Now, as one of the main exporters of organic coconut deals with major evacuations, flooding, power loss, and destroyed crops, breaks in production seem inevitable.

To make matters worse, the storm is now expected to head towards Vietnam. Vietnam is another major coconut exporter, so this causes further concern.  You can read CNN’s article about the storm here.

In conclusion, coconut consumers should expect coconut prices to continue to increase as shipping charges rise.  In addition, the organic coconut products you use most often may be in limited supply for the foreseeable future.